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The Pervomaisk Electromechanical Plant (PEMP) is a specialist in the manufacture of of flame-proof and mining low-volfage induction motors to drive stationary and mobile face mashines and mechanisms for fuel-producing and energy industries, oil gas extractioncomplexces as well as for mining industry.

The plant started its activities in 1873 and now its products are renowned for their reliability and high efficiency beyond the borders of this country.

Flame-proof induction motors are intended to drive machines and mechanisms operating under highly inflammable conditions of coal, oil, chemical, gas and other industies where inflammable mixtures of gases, vapors and dust are likely to form. The motors are manufactured in compliance with the standards of International Electrotechnical Comission and recomendations of Cuncil for Mutual Economic Aid, which makes Them interchangeable with the motors made by various foreign firms.

Optimum design, reliable explosion protection, high quality of structural and insulating materials, up-to-date manufacturing technology - all these features mean high technical level, safe and reliable operation in hazardous areas.

The main type of explosion protection of motors is a flame-proof jacket which is formed due to strong housing and bearing assemblies, attachment of all parts and units meeting the specified requirements for explosion protection and operating conditions.



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